Document Management

Lanier’s Storage and Management solutions address the needs of organizations in keeping track of both paper and digital files. These solutions deliver secure centralized electronic document storage with easy retrieval . Storage hardware, desktop software or on-demand service solutions address the costs, risks and physical storage constraints associated with paper filing.


  • -NEW capabilities in version 9.1 make it even easier to import, store and manage documents in DocumentMall, retrieve them when needed; and truly collaborate with others using the Internet.
  • Secure, online document repository is instantly accessible from any location using a web browser and a computer
  • Cost-effective, low-risk method of electronic document conversion, storage, and distribution


  • Import and Capture - Advanced scanning, classification and indexing, including barcode, OCR and image enhancement, directly from your multifunction product
  • Access and Distribution - Access, edit, annotate, email, update and share documents with colleagues and business partners, as well as create CD/DVD media libraries
  • Process Automation - Provides highly-automated document workflows, COLD/ERM, electronic forms, and advanced Fax management
  • API - Complete access and control of managed documents to/from your Line of Business applications
  • System & Security - Defines document structure, hierarchy, indexing information, and user and security access policies
  • Web Component - Provides access to DocuClass via a platform-independent web interface


  • Archive Studio enables knowledge workers across any business to quickly bring diverse content types together in a secure, indexed, searchable and highly scalable electronic repository
  • The content can be centrally managed for better control, collaboration and business productivity
  • Archive Studio is easily customizable and fully compatible with Active Directory, plus the developer API provides full integration capabilities with other lines of business applications
  • Using Archive Studio, organizations can tightly control all valuable information assets by directing the flow of documents from capture and indexing to access and collaboration to policy-based destruction


  • Allows documents/files to be shared securely within and between organizations
  • Provides complete document life-cycle management - from collaboration to classification and records management
  • Provides anytime, anywhere access to files from web-enabled devices