When you have all the facts, it’s easy to make intelligent decisions. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly how all of your network MFPs and printers were being utilized?
Think about it…You could track device usage with pinpoint accuracy, see what systems you’re using too
much (or too little), and identify opportunities to reduce supply costs—all of which enable you to optimize
fleet management and reduce running costs. Well, with Lanier’s® @Remote™ Intelligent Remote
Management System, you can do all that and more. The information is there... now you can put it to use
Designed to implement an advanced device relationship management (DRM) strategy, the @Remote
networked appliance collects operational data from your networked laser printers and multifunctional
products MFPs— Lanier and non-Lanier devices—then automatically transmits this information via the
Internet—using state-of-the-art secure communication capabilities–directly to our data center. Once
received, the data is processed and can be used to generate meter billing and fleet utilization reports.
And, to ensure that you get the most from these reports, one of our sales professionals can review the
results with you and assist you in creating a strategy to reduce overall operational costs.
Transform raw data into increased profits Your networked printers and MFPs offer valuable information
that enables you to more efficiently oversee and manage your fleet. With @Remote’s highly-detailed
usage reports, you’ll gain access to accurate fleet knowledge as you:
• Monitor all aspects of fleet usage thanks to Device Activity Reporting1. @Remote extracts amazingly
detailed device information in all applicable device modes including copy, print, fax and scan functions.
For example, you’ll be able to look at black-and-white and full-color usage for your network printers
and copiers, plus you’ll be able to see population, volumes, usage trending by vendor, network segment
or location—so you can make better choices when it comes to overall fleet management.
• Examine copy and/or print volumes by device to determine which devices are underutilized or overused,
which lets you reallocate resources for optimal device placement with Accurate Page Volumes.